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We manufacture custom watches, according to the quality and price requirements of our customers, always offering the best possible value for money. We handle the production from start to finish, ensuring compliance with delivery times, product quality and production success.


From start to finish, we ensuring delivery times, quality and success of production


Fitting your requirements of quality and price, always offering the best value for money


We manufacture exactly what our customers are asking us, offering them the best price


We have a showroom at your disposal so that you come to visit us and see in person all our models and possibilities to create your collection.


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Hardwork International is a manufacturer of watches for retail and promotion markets for over 15 years. Based in Shenzhen, we have sales offices in Poland and Spain, producing watches for customers around the world.

Our customers benefit from the experience and competitive prices that involves manufacturing in China, as well as the best service, continuous monitoring of production, and constant communication we offer from our sales offices in Europe, thus avoiding our customers the drawbacks associated control and monitoring of production and communication problems.

Each production meets the different legislations regarding certificates and quality controls and factory social audits.

We update and expand our collections every season following fashion trends and attending major trade fairs.

We work with large retail chains and agencies from different countries.

Every production is made specifically for our customers, selecting each component, from the machinery, number of functions, materials and depth rate, to the band type, design of the dial or hands. Thus we adapt to the requirements of our customers in materials, finishes, designs and customization options.

We provide our customers competitive prices. We manufacture exactly what our customers are asking us, offering the best possible price for the product they are requesting us, depending on the required qualities and finishes, quantity, and target market, and we do it in a record time. We don´t have any stocks, thereby reducing costs.

In addition, depending on the number of units, we adapt to their designs: materials, shape and thickness of the case, type and color of the hands, materials and colors of the strap, dial designs, etc. Thus, we attach to its production an exclusive and unique character, always depending on your budget and needs.

In addition to adapt to the designs set by customers, we customize the watch with the logo or brand of your company on the dial, on the case back, and on the buckle or the crown, rendering with great precision the handmade engraving.

Finally, if the client wishes, we manufacture the packaging of the watch, according to the requirements of our customers both in materials and design, to give to the final product even greater perceived value. We handle everything, from start to finish.

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